IWFSA Secretariat Members

Ms Gwen Tshabalala

Gwen Tshabalala is Administration Assistant of the International Women’s Forum South Africa (IWFSA). Previously, Gwen worked for a Construction Company as a Human Resource Manager. Prior to this she was a Store Manager for Teljoy. She is currently working as a Personal Assistant to IWFSA and has been with the Forum since 2008. She has worked in several previous administrative positions and brings with her experience in office management and finance. IWFSA has exposed her to women in business in different levels. This has given Gwen a depper understanding about women issues and she feels she has the potential to grow in this field.

Gwen likes to cook and read and regularly participates in walkathons.

Ms Cookie Naidoo

Cookie Naidoo brings experience that has taken her from her administrative Executive Assistant role to Office Management with Board Support, Events Management and Stakeholder engagement at local and global levels. This she draws from her stint at SA Breweries and long career at the South African Post Office (SAPO) where she worked at the Postbank, SAPO International office and different divisions of SAPO.

Cookie has a deep passion talking to women on different levels who have life challenges or problems that prevent them from fulfilling their purpose in life. She values family time, reading, listening to gospel music and enjoys gardening and baking.

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