Ms Gail Cameron

Gail Cameron is the Founder and Managing Director of the Image Excellence Group with more than twenty-five years experience as a leadership coach.

A Fellow of Trinity College London, Gail’s proven consummate skill has enabled her clients to lead, direct and motivate with confidence. Her scientific approach to leadership coaching and communication skills development has been internationally acknowledged as the best programme of its kind.

A Lebona Women of the Year nominee, Gail also appears in the book ‘Inspirational Women’ as well as being a Finalist in South Africa’s Most Influential Women In Business and Government for 2008. The Image Excellence Group came second in the Chamber of Commerce Business of the Year in 2007.

An internationally acclaimed speaker, Gail addressed the IABC’s conference in New York in June 2008 on “Authentic African Leadership” and in San Francisco in 2009 on “The Impact of EQ in Business”. Gail returned from Toronto in June, where she addressed the International Association of Business Communicators on “The Quantum Physics of Leadership Success”.

Gail’s book ‘Voice Excellence’ was published in 1994.

Her passion to develop African leaders resulted in her forming a partnership in Nairobi where her programmes are now offered throughout the rest of Africa.

Gail consults locally and internationally to political and corporate leaders.

Additional Info

  • Designation: The Image Excellence Group (CEO)

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