Ms Veronica Devine

Veronica Devine is a leading South African entrepreneur who sits on numerous company boards. She is passionate about women’s issues and leadership development and is devoted to mentoring young South Africans.

Veronica brings with her a wealth of experience in establishing and managing diverse sales organisations.

She founded Justine Cosmetics in 1973 with a R10 000 loan from the bank (for which she was turned down 11 times before the loan was granted). Tenacity and hard work paid off, the company flourished and the pioneering South African natural botanical skin care range became a household name.

Through its revolutionary direct marketing concept, Justine Cosmetics developed, educated and assisted women to become financially independent. The company stayed true to its mission of providing equal opportunities for all people in South Africa and the development of black business.

By 1996 the company had gained significant market share with 25 000 consultants selling its products, and it was acquired by American Fortune 500 company Avon Cosmetics Inc.

When Veronica retired from her posts of President and CEO of Justine Cosmetics in 2001, the company was generating hundreds of millions of Rands in sales.

However, she describes herself as “not being good at retirement”, and her entrepreneurial spirit, strategic thinking, vision and abundance of energy led to her founding The Resilience Company where she was Executive Chairperson until 2009 at which point the company was sold to Talentek.

In 2007, Veronica was approached to become CEO at Virgin Cosmetics where she remained until the company decided to withdraw from South Africa.

Veronika is a member of the International Women’s Forum and a Directory of the Women’s Private Equity Fund. She received the Businesswomen of the Year Award in 1994, the Technology for Women in Business Award (awarded by the Department of Trade and Industry) in 1998 and the worldwide Hall of Fame Award of the Direct Selling Industry in 2001.

She is recognised for her work in community development and regarded as a pioneer in transformation and change management. She is passionate about the development of people and has spent a great deal of time on mentoring and coaching women.

In her spare time, Veronika enjoys gardening, travelling, sport and music.

Additional Info

  • Designation: Director of Companies

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